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Any Photograph, any image can be made into an heirloom solid silver coin. New babies, wedding anniversaries, high school graduations or memorials are all engravable on these .999 Silver Coins.

Our custom engravers cut, polish and antique these coins for a one - of - a - kind keepsakes.

New Baby


One or both sides of these coins can be engraved* with a picture or with a picture on one side and text on the other. The first two coins feature a new born baby on one side and a wedding photograph on the other. These are actual photos of the coins.


$100.00 for engraved side plus text on opposite side.
$200.00 for a double engraved coin. (Pictures both sides)

*Engraving the photo and cutting the text removes a minute amount of silver. Your coin will not weigh a full Troy Ounce after it has been engraved. Inquire as to the languages we are able to engrave as well as the type of images. We are not allowed to engrave copyrighted images without the permission of the copyright holder. These images include pictures out of books or magazines, professional portraits or artistic renditions. The image on the coin can only be as good as the image provided.

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