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*Please understand that everything we offer
is a reproduction and is represented as such.
We never used to mark our products as a repro,
but have had complaints because they so closely resemble
the original items that they were difficult to tell apart.

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the Collector Grade American Helmet Liner

Introducing our new Collector Grade m17 American liner.
This liner has the original 1910 SAE milspec Wool Top Pad and Wool Crown along with user friendly oilcloth.
No tar, no mess on your head and won’t cause some lab rat in California to come down with cancer!
This is as close and you can get to the real deal without a time machine.
Made with our usual high quality netting and veg tanned leather bumper ring and chinstrap. There is nothing wrong with our regular liner but for those of you who want to
step it up to the next level of restoration, this is the liner for you.


US Shipping: $6.00

International Shipping: $25.00

WW I M-1917 Helmet Liner Replacements
Item # HL or BHL


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Complete liner and chinstrap for M-17
American and British helmets.
# - HL for American version/ BHL for British version
HL - $55.00, includes buckle

BHL - $58.50, includes rubber crown
CR - Rubber Crown Ring- $3.50

Add $5.25 for domestic shipping 

$15.00 overseas shipping via flat rate priority mail

How to install this liner

HL-US Shipping

HL-International Shipping

BHL-US Shipping

BHL-International Shipping

American/British Chinstrap Buckle


US Shipping: $2.00
International Shipping: $7.00

American/British Brass D-Rings


US Shipping: $2.00
Intertational Shipping: $7.00

American/British Helmet Liner Chinstrap Rivets (5)


US Shipping: $2.00
International Shipping: $7.00

American/British Helmet Chinstrap Bails


Domed Split Rivets for American/ Split rivets for British
US Shipping: $2.00
International Shipping: $7.00


please note how many and the item number when e-mailing
or Call (308) 728-7046

m17A1 Kelley transitional liner includes aluminum frame,
chinstrap, leather liner, dome nut and screw.
Liner kit includes everything you need to convert an empty Doughboy shell into an m17A1 Kelley.

Price: $100.00 CKTL
Shipping in the US: $7.50
Overseas via international priority mail:  $35.00

CKTL-US Shipping

CKTL-International Shipping

Kelley Transitional Chinstrap D-Rings

$3.00 per pair

US Shipping: $2.00
Intertanional Shipping: $7.00

Kelley Transitional Helmet Leather Tie Strings (set of 3)


US Shipping: $2.00
International Shipping: $7.00

Kelley Transitional Chinstrap Slide End


US Shipping: $2.00
Intertational Shipping: $7.00


Post WW I Early WW II M1917A1 - Kelley Transitional Liner
(leather only.) - Item #KTL


Replacement leather for the Kelley Transitional helmet
with horsehair stuffed crown pad,
all brass fittings and proper weight lace to attach
the liner to the aluminum frame.

Frame is NOT included in this kit. -
$50.00 each - # KTL
Add $5.25 US Shipping - Priority Mail
Add $20.00 Overseas - International Priority Mail

KTL-US Shipping

KTL-International Shipping

m17A1 Kelley Chinstrap
m17A1 first pattern chinstrap for Kelley Transitonal liner
This chinstrap has the box X stitching and the first pattern cast buckle as opposed
to the later moded m1 stamped brass buckle. This chinstrap comes with the d-rings to install
it onto your Kelley aluminum frame.

Price: $25.00 KTLCS
Shipping in the US: $2.50 Outside the US: $5.00

KTLCS-US Shipping

KTLCS-International Shipping

To Order by e-mail KTL
please note how many and the item number when e-mailing
or Call (308) 728-7046

COMPLETE BRITISH HELMET....................................$130.00
All helmets listed have new liners, sand finished paint jobs and are ready to wear.
These are not refurbished WWII British helmets, but actual WWI vintage and pre WWII
Doughboy and British shells. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY.


Frame Screw and Dome Nut for Kelley Liner Frame

DN - $3.50

DN-US Shipping

DN-International Shipping

Rubber Crown Ring for British Helmet

Price: $3.50

CR-US Shipping

CR-International Shipping

American/British Chinstrap

Includes buckle, all rivets
and tags necessary to install in helmet shell.
Price $20.00 ....
Plus $3.00 shipping, or $5.00 Overseas

HLCS-US Shipping

HLCS-International Shipping

WW I Wire Lug Trench Watch Band

Period Correct WWI wire lug Trench watch band.
As with our helmet liners,
this watch band is sewn on machines of the era
and is constructed of double sided top grain cowhide.
The narrow band is 10mm wide
and the wide band is 25mm wide.
The band comes in your choice of colors,
natural, dark brown, or black.

Because most of the doughboys that fought in the trenches
were young men in their teens and early twenties,
we offer this band in two sizes, the size of the original model
and a larger size for those of us with wrists like fence posts.

Watch band only.
$25.00 plus $2.50 shipping, overseas - $5.00

WB-US Shipping

WB-International Shipping

To Order watchbands by e-mail
please note how many
or Call (308) 728-7046


Triangular Blade Trench Knife Scabbard 


Triangular blade trench knife scabbard. The rivets are correct.
The color and number of stitches per inch are matched to an original.
It is sewn on a 1917 Singer 78-1 machine, just like our helmet liners
and is period perfect as we can make it,
right down to the keeper springs on the inside.

Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it ain't there.
Blackened brass hanger and metal parts, even the tooling marks on the tip
are like the originals. What you WON'T FIND on this scabbard is the name Jewell
and the inspectors mark on the tip. They are marked PFLC 1918 on the leather
to avoid being passed off as originals six weeks or six years from now, they are that good.

To Order: TKS - $75.00
Plus $5.25 domestic shipping

$20.00 overseas via international priority mail

TKS-US Shipping

TKS-International Shipping

WWI Eagle Globe and Anchor (EGA)

Reproduction WWI USMC EGA's.
These are cast copper EGA's molded from original
WWI US marine Corps Eagle Globe and Anchors.
They have the correct screwback and nut with washer and are
the perfect replacement for that original you don't want
take to the field with you. Also great for collectors and museums to fill
that gap with an inexpensive repro until an original comes along.
Specify Sitting Eagle (WWI) or Standing Eagle (pre-WWII Vintage)
Price: $25.00
Shipping in the US: $2.50
Overseas shipping: $5.00

EGA-US Shipping

EGA-International Shipping

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